A downloadable visual novel

This is a lighthearted visual novel about the countryside life and heaven. Hope you enjoy it!

*author's note: (very important)

- game sprites, bg music and bg art are not owned by me, I merely found them on google. if you know who the artists are please tell me or link me to them so I can credit them.

-the purpose of this game is for the sake of entertainment and I do not plan selling it. I am still pretty much a noob at coding, so I made this game as some sort of practice for me to do, and it ended up having an actual plot and story. so this happened...

-it would be great if you could leave critique regarding the game, and some advice would be nice as well.

-my next game will be a hundred times better than this, I think... and I will be doing the art for that game instead of just going on google, so yeah...

Thanks for checking this game out!

*inform me for any bugs/errors since I didn't fully check yet :^

Install instructions

1. Download the zip file.

2. Extract the zip file on your computer.

3. Play the game!


Bus_Stop_to_Heaven-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 60 MB
Bus_Stop_to_Heaven-1.0-mac.zip 55 MB
Bus_Stop_to_Heaven-1.0-pc.zip 70 MB


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My advice is to use a resource like the Creative Commons forum at Lemma Soft to find images that you can use for free without violating copyright. Sourcing art for your game from GIS is at best incredibly tacky.